Old constructs have to fall apart so a new reality can emerge and be created.

4 months ago

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Some may agree some may disagree. However, if you consider the division that is created in society be it wealth, religion, skin colour etc.

Then it doesn’t serve the collective we all share the same consciousness and are part of the whole and there is no balance and there is limited freewill.

A small % control most the wealth and keep us in the illusion that they have power it doesn’t work.

If you change your perspective and look at like this if something is toxic, then at some point human beings are going to say no fuck this and be forced to make a choice to change it.(Cause and effect we have collectively allowed this to be being fooled by the illusion.)

By changing your perspective you can see this as an opptunity for the collective to shift and transmute something that doesn’t work into something that works all that is required is a change of perspective.

Light can’t exist without dark, and we learn a lot from walking in the shadows and darkness only when you have experienced the dark can you discover the light and the more human beings that transcend to the light then there can be a shift in polarity and the vibration can be raised.

We are in the age of Aquarius which is about the old constructs falling apart so a new reality to emerge and be created. Are you going to make a choice to be part of the creation of a new reality?

Published 4 months ago